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James Kouzinas James Kouzinas
Blog | February 21, 2020

We previously put together a five-part series on Alternative Investments, where we looked at everything from the multifamily market, to global interest rates and sustainable investments. To access the series, please find the links in the titles below.

Part 1: Multifamily, U.S Real Estate 2020 Market Outlook

  • We take a dive into the Multifamily Real-Estate space in the US, aggregating information from CBRE and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics to give you a taste of what’s expected.

Part 2: Sustainable Investing

  • We compiled research on sustainable investing, diving into what’s drivng the growth and;
  • The different types of investments that fall under the ‘Sustainability’ banner.

Part 3: Enjoy the fall of interest rates

  • Interest Rates 101 (what and why);
  • Define some of the financial jargon commonly used when discussing interest rates;
  • Impact on deposit holders and what action you can take to combat low rates;
  • A Prequin data snapshot and;
  • The types of Alternative Investment opportunities that exist for you.

Part 4: Alternative Education

  • The different types of Alternative Investments;
  • How these Alternative Investments differ from Traditional Investments;
  • The Benefits of building Alternative Investments into your portoflio and;
  • Some common miconceptions about this asset class.

Part 5: The quirky side to Alternatives

  • What are Alternatives;
  • Quirky Alternatives and;
  • Even Quirker Alternatives.

James Kouzinas

Co Founder – Nebula Ventures


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