6 Reasons Why You Should Build A Prototype

Does Your product really solve a problem?

To evaluate, whether your product really solves its users’ problems, an almost working model, called a prototype, is created and tested with the prospective users and stakeholders.

6 Reasons why you should invest in building a prototype


Acquire data about the product so that improvements can be made

It is easier to make changes to your product at an early stage than when the product is near ready.

Early feedback can save your company effort, cost and steer the product in the right direction. This also mitigates radical restructuring and rework towards the end.

Users are the test market. So identifying your prospective user set and collecting their ideas of how usable and valuable your product is to the end user is of utmost importance.  


Prototyping allows the opportunity to have multiple discussions between iterations before entering the final development phase. Importantly, this allows the team to test difficulties before building the product.

Prototyping presents a visualisation of the product so that the investors can understand the look and feel of the final product. It also helps the team refine the what, why and for whom of the design.

With prototyping you can test what is working and what is not for the audience at every stage of developing the product. This will show what is and isn’t working and can the product’s easily highlight your weaknesses. This will helps investors understand what further resources are needed. 

“The ideal prototype should be of Goldilocks quality. If the quality is too low, people won’t believe the prototype is a real product. If the quality is too high, you’ll be working all night, and you won’t finish. You need Goldilocks quality. Not too high, not too low, but just right.”

prototype Levels

Low Fidelity​​

These are paper prototypes. Changes can be made easily and quickly, focusing more on the way of using the system instead of what it will look like. As the complexity of the product increases it becomes difficult to maintain low fidelity prototypes further into the development cycle.

Medium Fidelity

The product is created with practical functionalities, albeit limited, based upon the storyboard and user scenarios.

High Fidelity

While this stage can be costly and time consuming, this stage of prototypes are closest to what the actual finished product would be. It is best to give a near realistic experience of the product with actual functionalities.

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