When You’re Done Executing, Execute More

When You're Done Executing, Execute More

I read a great quote the other day:

“Execution is the game”  – Gary Vaynerchuck 

There’s an important and obvious message in this simple statement: take more action.

The failure to execute is something that plagues companies of all types – startups, SMEs and large enterprises, with each having their own unique challenges.

Typically, larger companies suffer fatigue in this area because of overly bureaucratic processes and internal communication issues, specifically relating to the company’s strategy and vision. Often, leadership aren’t properly communicating to the staff and, as a result, staff aren’t taking the appropriate steps to execute for the organization and drive it forward.

A 2016 study by Bridges Consultancy International supports the above, with their findings showing that 67% of well-planned strategies failed due to poor execution, with 61% of executives citing communication difficulties as a major contributor. 

If we shift the lens to startups, their execution failure stems from a variety of reasons:

  • Lack of resources.
  • Fear of failure.
  • Iterating their product or service too many times.
  • Inexperience. 
  • Too much funding.

However, the one trait I’ve noticed most, is over-planning. 

Don’t get me wrong, planning out your steps, strategy and future is essential, and everyone should be working with a blueprint, however, there’s a fine line between effective-planning and over-planning – with the latter stifling action. 

Uncertainty doesn’t sit well with us humans – it causes anxiety and feels uncomfortable, so naturally, we plan as much as possible, in the hope that we can eradicate all of the ‘unknowns’…but even the best laid plans may not help you when the unexpected happens.

The truth is, in business, as in life, there are always unknowns and it’s more about how you react to these situations when they arise, rather than how they fit within your plan.

So, drive forward, and execute like your life depends on it.




The road to the US and our new venture

Moving to the US

Ten years ago, my wife and I travelled to the US and had the trip of a lifetime. I’ll never forget the plane ride back to Perth…we were devastated to be coming home. Upon returning, we decided that we wanted to move to NYC and experience all that America has to offer.

I’m not sure what captivated us so much on that first vacation, perhaps it was the big cities, stunning national parks, or fascinating people, but one thing was for certain, the love of Americana stayed true and we found ourselves returning frequently for holidays. During this time, we also began applying for the Green Card Lottery and upon landing in Sydney in September 2016, we found out we had won.

2016 to now has seen many a change in our lives, from having our first baby, to completely changing my career path and as per my vlog, I’m proud to announce one more big change…we’ve officially moved to the US and will soon be living in the heart of the Big Apple. The decision to move wasn’t an easy one. It meant leaving the comforts of our family and friends – certainly one of the more difficult decisions we’ve had to make, especially with a little one to think about. However it was from our family and friends that we received so much encouragement and so on we charged.

The road to Nebula Ventures

In 2018, we spent our efforts building Bright Matter and whilst on this path, we met EG, an impressive property fund headquartered out of Sydney, who also like to dabble in the venture capital space. I say impressive because EG possess something that evades many companies, particularly in the finance sector: a strong culture. On top of this, they have a strong track record in business, having delivered multiple property deals, as well as being the first investor and partner in Willow Inc, a fast-growing PropTech company making waves in international markets.

After a short time, we found ourselves in regular company with EG, so together, we decided to launch Nebula Ventures – a venture capital fund based in New York.

A bit about Nebula Ventures

Nebula is a value-driven growth fund, focused on partnering with companies who are looking to challenge the norm and solve real world problems. Our key areas of interest include, but aren’t limited to, PropTech, FinTech and HealthCare. Our North American focus is driven largely by the size and diversity of the market here, creating a vast number of opportunities.

Nebula isn’t just about chasing the bottom line. Personal values and a social conscience is a major part of what we’re looking for in a founder, their team and their product – because without values in business, what’s the point?

Stay tuned to follow our adventure down this new path.


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