Nebula Ventures

A Human-Centric Venture Studio

Our Story

Nebula Ventures was born in Sydney, January 2019, when a group of free-spirited technology enthusiasts, forged in finance and real estate funds management, decided to band together and share ideas.

The creative process un-folded over many weeks, mostly in the board rooms of co-founders, EG – with the team drawing inspiration from the beautiful Sydney harbour.

Throughout that period, many different and interesting ideas were brainstormed and during these sessions, we noticed two consistent themes – our mutual love for helping people and solving problems.

Armed with nothing more than passion and purpose, we set sail for the bright lights of NYC.

So, what is Nebula Ventures? We are a Human-Centric Venture Studio that invests in Seed-Stage Fintech and Proptech companies.

Global Network

Our team operates across Australia and North America and together, we leverage our global network to bring our portfolio companies the partnerships and value they need to grow.


New York
575 5th Ave, New York NY 10017

Level 21 Governor Phillip Tower,
1 Farrer place, Sydney NSW 2000



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